Terms and Conditions:

As outlined in our privacy policy, Cash Consoles collects various data to aid with the selling of products and the use of user accounts. Below you can find the details of how the data is stored, controlled and used and how you can control your data.

  1. Types of data and how it is used:
  2. Types of data collected:
    1. name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number
  3. Purpose of data collection:
    1. To contact us via our contact form
    2. To ship items purchased to you
    3. To email you with order updates
  4. Who is the data shared with:
    1. Cash Consoles share data with no third parties
  1. How data is stored:
  • Data is stored in a secure and encrypted MySQL database
  • And may sometimes be stored on the shop PC for delivery purposes in digital form on a secure PC.
  1. Privacy Policy:
  • Full out full privacy policy, please visit the Privacy Policy page
  1. Data Protection Officer:

Should you need to contact the DPO, please do so on the details below:

Cash Consoles
45 High Street,
ME12 1NX

01795 668 711


All data transmitted via the website is secured and encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer

Security and all data stored in the SQL database in encrypted. Any data stored in PCs have up to data security and complex passwords.

  1. Data Breach:

Should a data breach occur, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Inform the local authority within 72 hours
  2. Inform the individuals (data subjects) involved within 72 hours6. Request your personal information:

To request the personal information held by Cash Consoles, please contact the Data Protection office in section 4 and the information will be sent to you.

  1. Updating your personal information:
    1. Contact the Data Protection Office
    2. Login to your account online and edit your information
  1. Deleting Data:

After 12 months, any and all data that has not been used for that time frame will be deleted from all storage locations including databases, PCs and paper form.

  1. Request your information to be deleted, cease being processed or delivered to a third party or yourself.

Please contact the Data Protection office for any of these requests and they will be carried out with 3 working days.